Tri-County Shepherd Center

Helping seniors thrive

Tri-County Shepherd's Center is an organization of seniors helping seniors thrive. Our goal is to help older adults realize that their lives can take on even greater significance regardless of financial circumstances by being as actively involved as possible. We help seniors realize that they can have enjoyable and satisfying life experiences. The resulting energy and insights from these experiences are the drivers which give meaning to their lives and touch the lives of others.

To achieve this goal, Tri-County Shepherd's Center has four main areas of emphasis:

  1. Support for daily living: Offering home services such as transportation, Meals on Wheels, handyman services, companion aides, respite care, telephone reassurance, and many others. Shepherd's Centers frequently serve as a conduit between the people and existing services provided by other organizations or agencies. Services are provided by volunteers.
  2. Life long learning: Life-long learning for the stimulation of mind, body, and spirit. Shepherd's Centers has developed an educational model named Adventures in Learning. Classes range from International Relations/Current Events to painting, to computer classes, to "writing your story," and are taught by volunteers.
  3. Health: Discovering opportunities for personal growth. Taking control of one's own health and well-being by exercising, developing good eating habits, and a positive attitude. Finding significant use for your life in which you continue to contribute.
  4. Volunteerism, social involvement, and spiritual growth: The myth that aging means withdrawing from activities and work is rejected and is displaced by a sense of meaning and purpose. We were all born to care and serve.

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