The Awaken Life Course

Beginning February 2022

The greatest impediment to our own awakening is we are pretty sure we are already awake. We don’t know what we do not know. There is so much more of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit waiting to be discovered delighted in, and demonstrated in and through our lives. Awakening must begin and deepen in our own hearts. As goes our hearts so go our homes. As go our homes, so goes our churches. As go our churches, so go our towns and cities.

The Awakening Life Course is a four-week journey of Scripture, prayer, conversation, and transformation; all centered around the awakening and disciple-making mission of Jesus Christ. Expect to be challenged, encouraged, equipped, and empowered for the important season of faith ahead.

The course will unfold over four weeks with the following subjects:

  • Week 1—Waking up to the Word of God
  • Week 2—Waking up to the Spirit of God
  • Week 3—Waking up to the Body of Christ
  • Week 4—Waking up to the Kingdom of God