Steward Memorial

Adults of all ages

We are a group that seeks to function as much as possible in the Wesleyan way. The heart of Methodist during Wesley's life was the class meeting. While we don't do all that Wesley required, we are a covenant discipleship support group where we are accountable to each other. As Wesley required, we stir each other up to good works, pray for each other and study the Bible. Our Bible Study uses as its catalyst the Adult Bible Study series published by Cokesbury. All participants share in what at times are lively discussions. Besides growing in grace and supporting each other in our mission of making disciples, our goal is to make the Scriptures meaningful for today by examining them against our personal experience, as Wesley counseled. We also have a lot of fun!

This group typically meets in Wesley Hall in the classroom behind the kitchen, when meeting spaces are open. This group will begin meeting again once Covid-19 risk subsides.

This class is facilitated by Richard Davis.

Questions? Contact Richard.

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