Moving Forward

Looking at Three Denominations to Affiliate With


As we have voted to affiliate with a new denomination, the work is started to find the fit for us as we continue to minister to Royse City and the Tri-County area. This page gives information regarding the three options we are looking at - Free Methodist Church, Global Methodist Church, and the Methodist Collegiate Church.

On this page

  • I have a question (ask Pastor Chris and/or the Leadership Board a question)
  • Mission, Vision (est. 2017), Values (From the work of the 2022 discernment team) PDF
  • Comparison of Free Methodist, Global Methodist Church, Methodist Collegiate Church
  • Zoom meetings with Global Methodist Church & Methodist Collegiate Church
  • Books about the two denominations
  • Position Papers of the church
  • Video Presentations from First Methodist Carrolton
  • Who are we video from Free Methodist Church
  • Link to donate for disaffiliation fees
Zoom Meeting with Global Methodist Church
Methodist Collegiate Church Presenation

Links for Denominations - Website for the Free Methodist Church - Website for the Global Methodist Church - Methodist Collegiate Church

WHAT WE BELIEVE PAGES - Free Methodist Beliefs - Global Methodist Beliefs - Methodist Collegiate Church

Book Links

The Free Methodist Way - Paperback

Videos for Free Methodist Way

Multiplying Methodism - Ebook or paperback

A Bold Witness of Wesleyan Faith at the Dawn of the /Global Methodist Church

Position Papers, Resources and FAQ

Free Methodist Position Papers -

Secret Organizations, Care of the Earth, Racial Unity, Sanctified Sexuality, Use of Alcohol

Free Methodist Resources

Global Methodist Statement Witness to the World

Article by Walter B. Fenton

Global Methodist FAQ


Global Methodist Church | First Methodist Carrollton
The Methodist Collegiate Association | First Methodist Carrollton
What is the Free Methodist Church?