Good and Beautiful Study

Join Pastor Chris for a Study of the Good and Beautiful Series starting August 31st.

A New Study Starting August 31st

The Good and Beautiful Series he aims to help Christians develop a robust discipleship by helping them understand who God is, what it means to be a Christian, how to live in community, and how to address toxic self-narratives that hinder spiritual growth.

Throughout the series, which includes The Good and Beautiful God, The Good and Beautful LifeThe Good and Beautiful Community, and The Good and Beautiful You, Smith encourages you to read, journal, pray, discuss, and participate in weekly spiritual exercises to help you engage with the text. As you work through the books individually (or more ideally in a group setting) you'll discover your heart being shaped by the truth of Christ—and your life being changed.

Get to know the God Jesus knew and the Kingdom he proclaimed by using this proven Bible study and small group resource. Churches, ministries, and individual Christians who use this curriculum will discover that spiritual transformation comes as a direct result of spending focused time with God and his people.

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